Tristan Jones

Barrister and negotiation expert at,Blackstone Chambers,London

Tristan Jones is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers in London. As a barrister, his work principally involves written and oral courtroom advocacy. He practices in a wide range of civil law, including EU, competition, commercial and human rights law. He is recommended in both of the UK’s leading independent legal directories

Tristan first became involved in negotiation theory and practice whilst a graduate student at Harvard in 2001-2003. He was awarded a Kennedy Scholarship to study at Harvard: an award founded in memory of President Kennedy and given to approximately ten UK students annually. He studied public policy and economics at the Kennedy School of Government, and took Harvard Law School’s intensive Negotiation Workshop in January 2002. In his final year, Tristan worked as Professor Bordone’s Teaching Assistant on the Negotiation Workshop

Since then, Tristan has continued to teach and consult on negotiations alongside his legal practice. He was for several years an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he was a lead teacher on an intensive negotiation workshop. He has delivered negotiation training for corporate clients in the pharmaceutical, energy, retail, banking and healthcare sectors. He has also delivered several courses with Professor Bordone for a wide range of clients and constituencies.

As a litigator, Tristan is particularly interested in putting negotiation theory to work in highly contentious situations. As a barrister, he advises his clients on negotiation strategy, or negotiates on their behalf, in a variety of contexts. This has included, for example, negotiating settlement agreements to bring to an end contentious discrimination litigation, advising on how commercial litigation strategies may be used to assist a company’s broader negotiation aims, and using negotiation strategies to identify the best solution to disputes over children’s educational provision. Tristan also has a particular expertise in the legal constraints which act on public bodies and regulators, and which limit their scope to reach creative negotiation outcomes.

Tristan was an undergraduate at Cambridge University, and graduated with a starred first class. He has spent a year travelling and teaching English in South America, a year as President of Cambridge University Students’ Union, and a year as a financial journalist at Reuters.,

”De 2 undervisere, Robert Bordone og Tristan Jones, var imponerende dygtige formidlere.”
–,Peter Balling Teisen,Senior Legal Counsel, Københavns Lufthavn,A/S.