Ola Reppling

Chief Transformation Officer

Ola Reppling holds the position of CTO for Clear Channel International and he is intent on changing the view of a CTO from responsible for Technology into being responsible for Transformation.

He has over 20 years experience from working in the intersection between business and Tech, both as a consultant and in line positions. In all roles, he has been driving digital transformation, which means transforming people and ultimately the culture. Technology is only the vehicle and the value of digital transformation comes from deeper customer engagement, improved employee empowerment, optimized operations and transformed products and services.

Ola Reppling is appreciated for his broad experience from many industries on all continents and his ability to implement sustainable change in complex corporate environments.

He believes in “Rigidity at the Core and Flexibility at the Edge” as a way to ensure economies of scale, scalability, maintainability and at the same time meet and exceed customer expectations. This means adhering to standards, getting world class processes in place and always thinking big while taking small steps. Don’t wait for perfect, but make sure you continuously improve!