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The advanced workshop, developed and performed by Robert Bordone, senior fellow of Harvard Law School is your chance to take your negotiation skills into the highest level amongst negotiators in Denmark and internationally.

The intensive one-day course of supreme level negotiation, builds upon the concepts and tools introduced in the Negotiation Skills Workshop for analyzing, preparing for, and conducting negotiations.
Note that, it is mandatory for enrolling in this Advanced Workshop, that participants have previously taken the JUC Negotiation Workshop offered by Robert Bordone.


Participants will explore strategies for handling strongly held partisan perceptions in negotiation as well as strategies for managing emotions and identity questions. There will be an emphasis on the role of active listening and process design as methods for handling these complexities.

The course consists of interactive lecture, case simulations, micro-skills exercise, and a structured application exercise where each participant will work on their own challenging negotiation, conflict, or conversation.

At the end of the workshop participants can expect to:
  • Have an enhanced and research-based understanding of the role that psychological biases, emotions, and identity play in negotiation and conflict;
  • Acquire specific frameworks and interpersonal tools for addressing the challenge of perceptions, emotions, and identity in negotiation situations
  • Practice skills of framing, listening, and process-design and learn how these interventions can yield better outcomes and resolve conflict more efficiently
  • Gain insights into one of their own real-life negotiations or challenging conflict contexts
  • Have an increased awareness of their strengths and growth areas in negotiation and dispute resolution
After completing the workshop you have improved your understanding of negotiation, have reached new heights in preparing and measuring your own skills, developed negotiation strategies and are able to handle conflicts and complex dynamics at the negotiation table. The goal is that you will improve your skills as a negotiator and excel in creating deals, solving complex problems, and building strong relationships.

The Workshop will meet from 9:00am to 5:30pm. There will be some Pre-Work involved for participants before arriving for the Workshop.


The course is designed for negotiators engaging in strategic contracting and negotiations, e.g. related to key account sales, procurement and negotiation at top-executive levels, who want to take their negotiation skills to the highest leves and develop a deeper insight into the mechanisms of negotiation to achieve a more effective set of responses.

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