Network leaders:

  • Ola Reppling, Chief Transformation Officer at Clear Channel International



A lot of companies want to transform digitally, but more than 70% of all companies fail at it. The first step to succeed with digital transformation is to realize that it is not about technology. Digital transformation is about transforming people, culture, and behaviors. Technology is a tool to get there, but it only adds value if we manage to change our way of working.

In this network we discuss the challenges that we face in our journey with digital transformation, and members of this group have influence on setting the agenda, which topics to be discussed, and the speakers whom we invite for each meeting.


Example of agenda for the meetings:  


1st meeting - MacGyverism or Waterfall?

How do we balance the need for quick and agile solutions with the need for stable, resilient, scalable, interoperable, and maintainable Tech? How do we balance between the entrepreneurship needed to meet the need for speed and the corporate need for stability and compatibility?

Many times, the developers want to try a new tool/solution, just build a special quick-fix or just add one more application. “It’s only a PoC”, “We won’t put it into production”, “It’s not intended to scale”, “We’ll rebuild it correctly before launch”. We have all heard this and we know that many times, the PoC magically turns into production and the Tech organization is expected to maintain yet another application, more integrations, and a new technology stack. On the other hand, we can’t work in waterfall and must be open for new technologies and cater for entrepreneurship.


2nd meeting - Attract, retain, and develop talent

In some places and in certain roles the average tenure in tech is closer to a year than 2 years. How do we build a culture or a high performing team when our employees stay in role for the same time as consultants did a few years ago? How do we become and remain attractive as an employer? If our employees only stay a short period of time and not even work from the office, but from home, what is the difference from outsourcing everything to e.g., India?


3rd meeting - Artificial or Emotional Intelligence, Machine or Human Learning, and Neural or Social Networks?

Are we needed or will the computers take over everything? How do we capitalize on the opportunity that AI, ML and Neural Networks present? Turning data into value is difficult and expensive, how do we do it cheaper, faster, and better? How do we, as humans, fit in this new world of data?


4th meeting - Monogamy or polygamy?

What happens if we chose one cloud provider or only one provider for all front- and/or back-office needs? Does the value of having one provider outweigh the risk of being stuck? Can you manage multiple providers effectively? How do you determine the best strategy? Is it different for different parts of the tech stack? If I select one provider, how do I ensure best value for money as well as best in class delivery in all areas and if I select multiple providers, how do I manage the integrations efficiently and minimize total cost of ownership? What are the things to consider and how do I best evaluate them?



Digital Transformation = People Transformation = Culture Transformation. Technology is only a tool and in order to get full value out of it, we need to transform our ways of working, our processes and our products/services and ultimately our culture. In this network, we will explore practical issues that we all face and how to approach them to maximize the value and at the same time minimize the cost. The network will draw on our collective experiences as well as external input from experts to help us all achieve digital, people and cultural transformation.



This network is for the CTO, CIO, CDO, CEO, Head of Infrastructure, Head of Tech, Head of Digitalization and similar profiles. The network is not solely for Swedish candidates, but also professionals in companies with a global perspective and international appearance. The meetings take place in Stockholm and are hosted in English.


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